Kilian Zaragozá

CEO and Co-Founder

"The happiness of our project is the happiness of a lot of people"

Josevi Villarroig


"We are committed to technologies that dignify people in need"

César Romero


"We merge technology and social awareness for the good of those who need it most"

Nacho Latre

Communications Manager

"A conscious, transformative and change-seeking human project."

Jordi Guerrero

Director Fundación Mundo 21

"We have in our possession a social tool with great power."

Guillermo Bañuelos


"We use tecnology to reach a better world."

Iván Fernández

Management & Ops

"It is a necessary initiative to pursue equal opportunity-"

Juan Campana

Business Development

"We provide a technological solution to optimise the third sector and have a greater impact."

Arantxa Ruiz

Account Manager

"Technological developments make our lives much easier, we connect corporations and social organizations to digitalize their world."

Joaquín Diaz-Pache

Business Development

"We share a strong and persevering determination to build a fairer and more sustainable society"

Sergio García


"Technology approaches us to change but people approach us to be able to transform."

Joan Antón Cárdenas


"Let's convert every line of code into dignified and ensure food for all citizens."


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